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Jewellery can make each yet so simple outfit Right away to the catcher and is extremely varied. high-quality jewellery, he of the fashionable and playful brand of guess, Kalyan jewellers, or Nakshatra Jewellers, is a sign that a woman more than value and her body is therefore noble things. Themselves over and over again can invent jewellery has the advantage that he can be extremely varied combined and acts appropriately in almost all situations. 

It is long lasting, at least to a degree and a lasting memory. Great and quite simple jewellery, such as earrings or chains with a Pearl pendant are timeless and accompany many women several years or decades. There are but Of course also Very much extravagant and trendy jewellery, charms and beads or cute trailer that can be combined freely, a joy to the eye are thorough and makes sure that you can shape the look of own always brand new. know more about jewellery please vist at


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Jewellery by people for people

Jewellery emphasizes style and personality. Jewellery crowns an outfit. Expression of an attitude to life is jewellery. To decorate, enjoy. Jewellery is a luxury and every person needs to and again a small feeling of luxury.

Jewellery buying is a matter of trust.

Bracelets, necklaces or collecting jewellery - we will help you with A lot of joy when choosing your jewellery piece. We like to take our time and make us your questions, wishes and ideas with all our experience.

In addition to our own jewellery, you To find carefully selected collections of international well-known goldsmiths workshops at Solitaire OWNOW. Our collections are more creative and clever design, as by big names.

Our focus of partner rings, wedding rings, friendship rings. Whether Platinum, yellow or white gold, whether Which one material you choose stainless steel, titanium or silver - - we implement your ideas with passion and guarantee now A lot joy with the symbols of your love. know more about jewellery please visit at

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

At OWNOW, you can buy online jewellery and clothes

In the OWNOW online shop you To find an extensive jewellery range that you should not miss under the "Accessories" menu item. One advantage over buying jewellery in the business is to recognize that all items in combination are represented with current outfits within the offer description. So, you get a comprehensive impression of the jewellery and its potential for use in combination with your clothes. Browse all alone through the extensive range of online shops and you are guaranteed To find a piece of jewellery that best suits your style. Because jewellery is an expression of individuality as clothes always - underline your personality with beautiful jewellery from OWNOW. Of the current fashion jewellery to real jewellery you To find everything to complete your look here. At OWNOW means to be able to choose from a wide selection of jewellery buy jewellery. know more about jewellery please visit at


best online jewellery shop

OWNOW best online jewellery shop

OWNOW - jewellery, watches and accessories - piece by piece individuality made in India: stainless steel jewellery with beads, diamond rings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and collecting jewellery, earrings or rings for friendship, engagement and wedding, watches or necklaces - for women and men.

The OWNOW stainless steel jewellery factory in Mumbai convinced through timeless design combined with exceptional ideas and materials. OWNOW stands for hand-crafted exclusively in Indian designer jewellery, which is produced not in mass and is subject to any fashion. Individuality is our ultimate design. You will find classic and simple jewellery as well as modern and striking jewellery. The perfect combination of high-tech and traditional handicraft is effective when each piece of jewellery in its own way. Kinder to the skin and anti-allergic stainless steel is stylishly combined solid real gold or with sparkling and precisely framed valuable brilliant cut diamonds. The combination of exceptional, high-quality jewellery materials such as ceramic, wood or rubber, and the game with different surfaces like satin, polished or structured to hand special accents.

OWNOW woman - the jewellery line for women boasts elegant creations with precious stones as well as by sporting pieces of jewellery.

OWNOW man, that’s men jewellery, men not only optically excited. Also, locking technology convince men.

The OWNOW Jewellery outlet - right here in our online shop or in the factory outlet in Mumbai - see reduced bargains and special offers up to 60%. Jewellery, watches and accessories - discontinued models and samples from collection resolutions. Chains, necklaces, rings with pearls, diamond rings, collecting jewellery, earrings, wedding rings, friendship rings or engagement rings - all only while stocks last! know more

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Jewellery For Women's and Women's Jewellery accessories

 Online Jewellery Shop

Jewellery gift - which jewellery for any occasion

The most popular gift in women is jewellery. Usually he is giving away for special occasions, what must be not necessarily. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings or brooches are booming in the stores for certain holidays. Anniversaries, the Valentine’s day, anniversary, birthday and Christmas are the days where jewellery is always away. It gives jewellery outside of these times he even better arrives at the recipient as proof of spontaneous love.

How jewellery suits what opportunity?

That one does not necessarily buy a ring of mother, should be clear. Here, a necklace, brooch or bracelet is a more convenient gift. The Lord should buy a good friend no ring too, which might misunderstand you. Therefore, it is important to consider also the relation to the done at the time of purchase and are looking at the retailer an appropriate inspiration for jewellery. Also the choice between gold and silver should be a criterion for the purchase. What good is it, if the loved one to buy a gold ring and wears these just pieces of jewellery made of white gold. So when the purchase also. Precious rings, elegant necklaces or exclusive earrings are often miniature works of art. They are offered in the trade in gold with different carat weight, fine silver, or as fashion jewellery.
While you can buy the jewellery without hesitation cheap in our online shop, you should go rather in high quality jewellery in the jewellery business. There is also the right advice and high-quality goods. Jewellery enhances the appearance and creates such a better self-awareness. This occurs in both men and women. Special events such as an engagement, a wedding or baptism require high-quality jewellery gifts, because they are usually inherited and delight generations still under certain circumstances. Also a good investment can be jewellery.

What should be noted when purchasing jewellery?

That is crucial when buying, what jewellery the recipient prefers, so what type of material, was initially mentioned. The style of the dress can be decisive for the right choice. Here, mostly the trained professionals at the jeweller can help advise. Allergies are becoming more common and therefore incompatibilities that exist in the recipient, need to be considered especially in the jewellery. In this case, he should be free of nickel. Often bad inflammation caused by this metal especially in earrings and rings, which lie directly on the skin. You can prevent this with the right choice. If someone has better fashion jewellery, you should want to not pay also real jewellery for better or worse. The recipient feel most uncomfortable, thus because they are afraid to lose the costly piece. Who wants to go play it safe at his present, should consult the dealers simply or looking for a suitable Gift Finder under, there you can find the right ideas for the most diverse occasions. know more about jewellery please visit at

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Watches, necklaces, wedding rings, engagement rings, bracelets, charms, earrings and much more...

Our goal is a happy customer. Therefore we offer only high quality jewellery. We are please dif you look online with us. Aware we offer no online shop because we stand for quality, personality and individual advice. We would like to

that you are endlessly happy with your purchase and can advise you about.

Can be from the design of our precious stone jewellery, pearl Jewellery, diamond jewellery, stone jewellery and leather jewellery convince. Whether with or without engraving – little limit to your personal taste. Watch our women's jewellery and men's jewellery in our product gallery. We offer exclusive and also cheap jewellery according to your personal event.

Do you know already our exclusive collection of Tommy Hilfiger Watches? Viewing be sure our timeless and fashionable watches.

Know more about Solitair Jewellery Please visit at

Monday, 11 August 2014

Indian jewellery - beautiful original and full of symbols and meanings.

In our hectic times, many people are starting to deal with
the teachings and wisdom of the Indians. By Indian jewellery you can wear much
of his attitude to life, his beliefs and values to the outside and quite a few
believe that wearing Indian jewellery reinforces the positive impact on the

Many of our jewellery pieces manufactured by Indians even
today in real hand work. Often they use the turquoise for your jewellery, but
also the Lapis lazuli, coral and Onyx are encountered semi-precious stones in
Indian jewellery.

The Chip inlay is a special art. Tiny slices of used
jewellery stones are put together into a surface, much like a mosaic. Jewellery
with Chip inlay from Lapis lazuli, turquoise and coral are especially
attractive pieces of jewellery. know more about jewellery please visit at

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fashion jewellery is jewellery trend

Fashion jewellery takes on current fashion trends, is in the making and finds more and more followers and adherents. This trend is especially in the women's world more and more, because even world-famous designers have recognized the trend and design their own labels in the area of fashion jewellery. Everything began in the 1920s, as it can otherwise be France. Coco Chanel designed the first fashion jewellery that fit with their collections, it was a complete success. In a jewellery shop of modern art there is but also high-quality silver jewellery in best processing with Swarovskikristallen and precious stones. know more about jewellery please click

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Treasures to the spoil. "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", it says. That's true but only partially. Because first of all you can pleasure guaranteed an also discerning gentlemen with precious diamond jewellery. And secondly a luxury would surely say no loving Lady for real gold jewellery. As a result, it should actually say: "jewels are a woman's and a man of best friend".

Jewellery is always a special gift. Even on themselves. What gives you the people of his heart? Of course jewellery. What gives it away at important occasions such as birthday, confirmation, communion, graduation, anniversary and wedding day? Of course jewellery. And what "small touches" forward to all women, men and children? Of course jewellery. No wonder, because decorative accessories are "up to date" since time immemorial: latest researches indicate that the use of jewellery dates back to the beginning of human history. So people decorated already years 100,000 ago with shells, before the necklace was invented in the old stone age. Where it was not only simple, but also to multi-unit necklaces. Later then joined jewellery from bone, beads, stones, amber, copper and bronze. Know more about jewellery please visit at