Friday, 15 May 2015

The skirt has an expiry date?

The mini has no expiration date but a date of prolongation. Can be fun and witty if taken casually if you have beautiful legs, this regardless of age, If I have beautiful legs can wear mini skirts, if I am young "water" as I say, I can venture an extremely short skirt, but it goes with grace, elegance, never vulgarity. A mini with daring and sensual if worn the right way is not vulgar. Mini stretches of inch in centimeter with advancing age, nothing more and nothing less. It is all the more ridiculous a woman in miniskirt as are his years.

What cannot fail in a woman's wardrobe?

There are so-called must-haves that are the inevitable in a wardrobe. I'd say the classic black sheath dress, which is par excellence the example of a long-lived leader who succeeds every time to be reinterpreted. A good stylist can use it throughout the day, making it more sporty at work, a little more detail for an aperitif with a glamorous accessory, and more elegant in the evening with some nice heels. The sheath dress is the most versatile leader. This then adds the pantsuits to Armani style cigarette and a pair of jeans for leisure.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to choose a wedding dress for your wedding

Any suggestions will be able to find the perfect style for you!

First of all, at least a year before, started to take a look at the magazines, the internet, catalogs and storefronts to get an idea of the possibilities and to start making a first selection of that which you like more ...

Then evaluated between various styles, shown in our table below, what you prefer. Once you have taken your familiarity with the various lines of bridal gown, don't forget to consider whether or not will suit your physique (click here to find out what wedding dress and best suited to your body type): for every bride her outfit!

The style of a wedding dress: Mermaid, Princess, Empire, etc.

And the dress from Princess par excellence, Bulky and tight corset skirt, the effect is spectacular! Valuable advice is not to use too many accessories to not overfill the dress.


The cut is practical, we will highlight, and V-necked one-piece figure whatever your forms. Adhering to the chest, sliding down with ease, its light weight allows you easy movements.

Sheath dress

Hollywood-style is a close-fitting dress, glamorous and very feminine. This model is recommended for those who feel at ease in their forms.


This dress resembles the sheath model, but it pops up on the bottom giving the dress a form reminiscent of the sirens: sexy and elegant at the same time.


Airy and voluminous model with applications in: tulle will give you the appearance of "fairy".


The absence of separation between corset and skirt enhances the shoulders and the chest. Flares slightly downwards,

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Discover what your style of clothing is

Discover what your style of clothing is; answer the questions of our test! Each woman, you know, has a clear way of dressing. There are those who prefer the bon ton mood, made shirts castes, cardigan and Tulip skirts and then there are those who prefer a touch more rock but still chic. More are always in step with the latest trends, choose must have the time to take more than ever.

But how do you know what is your style? It all boils down to shopping, as you do, what steps and what products are always present in the wish list. You are a passionate of evergreen or clothing you like mixing and experimenting with all the latest releases of the moment?

Discover everything there is to know about your look by answering questions in our tests. Is fast and easy, you only have to select the most suitable response to you. In this way you will discover what your style is and you will no longer have any doubt about it.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Clothing is the mirror of society

Especially social values and standards ideas are reflected in the clothing, which they considered good. So it was often frowned upon to forbidden women to wear pants - now there is, however, an incredibly large number of a variation of trousers for ladies with a taste. Not only companies differentiate themselves from each other by their style of dress, but also within these people through their clothes show they would expect to which flow. It is also an important stage of puberty, where suddenly your own notions of arise in which we want to dress Experimentation is here already said, because eventually too a lot of clothing must be tried, until it is clear what you really like and fun.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Shopping with OWNOW

Check out the online shopping experience by OWNOW and choose your style among the must-haves of the season, the basic collection and all the fashion trends of spring/summer woman Collection 2015 man and Baby Collection. A wide and comprehensive range of products dedicated to the woman, the man and the child makes an authentic OWNOW reference in the world of online fashion and clothing, able to stand out for the constant attention to design and innovation and quality-price ratio is truly amazing.

Bianca Balti is the face of the new spring/summer campaign of OWNOW

The women's apparel is designed for a dynamic and creative woman, who loves to play with garments and accessories and experiment with new combinations.
I must have spring summer 2015 range from "stripes", the timeless Black and White, sporty and leaders to the military mood.

Choose your style for the rainy days, sunny ones and those filled with clouds and express your femininity through our outfit, suitable for all weather conditions.

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