Thursday, 30 October 2014

Each man lives freely his vision of fashion

Then, keep in mind that the masculine style is played much in details. A colourful pair of socks, a liner, a stitching: witnesses of your lifestyle are discrete and this is the secret of masculine elegance. Don't forget to have fun, wear what you like and what you will better, despite the patterns and trends. (See Fashion Apparels Here )

Fashion is what one wears. What is outdated, what are the others

To be certain of never make fashion missteps, simply have the measurement and temperance in the choice of colours and clothing associations you make. If you wear blue shoes King, calm the game by associating them with gross jeans and a Navy blue sweater. Bet on the Basic, safe values that will never make you fake bond.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Enchanting jewels and gifts

The use of jewellery already exists since there are people. Earlier, jewellery was manufactured mainly from natural materials, symbols to show the membership of a tribe or to determine the social status of a person. Especially for Kings and emperors, jewellery was a sign of prosperity, as magnificent crowns, Tiaras and other precious pieces of jewellery. Much later, jewellery was an expression of personality and individual style. No matter in which culture on the world, you can find it anywhere pieces of jewellery, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, are culturally limited differently pronounced their styles and history to carry a piece of thus. Today, jewellery is an integral part of fashion and design, as well as a popular gift for people you like to have. A special piece of jewellery is a beautiful reminder of a person, a special section of life or an unforgettable holiday. With us you find a magical chain as a mother's day gift, a clock for the father to the birthday, a ring for your girlfriend or earrings to the own keep. In our jewellery designer and creative loving and hand-made unique pieces carefully for you have chosen categories. ( see more at )

Friday, 17 October 2014

Trend high fashion jewellery at a low price

The advantage of fashion jewellery is especially affordable. There are however qualitative differences, that fashion-conscious ladies definitely should - be aware because finally the jewellery to look longer than a season long good. Viewed thus, the selected pieces exactly especially the processing in prominent places such as, for example, the closures of necklaces and bracelets are important. Would you make sure that you get good quality, then opt for OWNOW and easily order your costume jewellery online shop. Take advantage of the benefits that offers you the online offering of OWNOW, and inspiration through detailed descriptions and professional tips to the combination of jewellery with your wardrobe. ( know more about jewellery )

Monday, 13 October 2014

OWNOW fashion online shop - the trendsetter among the mail-order firms

They love to browse through fashion magazines? Keep track of the styles of the stars and new trends like? Then, we share a common passion. The OWNOW trend Scouts are all over the world looking for new looks - you and your outfit are always in vogue!

In addition to fancy clothes, there are also exciting tips and tricks around the topic of fashion and styling fashion online store: discover for example the category "Shop by Outfit" - where we have put together themed styling for you. Read all about the history of the jeans in the denim shop or find inspiration in our journal catalogues or our blog. Fashion and more there in the OWNOW fashion online shop! ( see example )

 Party Wear Collection

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dresses - adorable and feminine

Nothing else a woman feels so beautiful, Beauty and feminine, as in their clothes. Whether the more classical style or something is freaked out: engages in a dress occasion or one business day elated and easy experience. Will it be slightly more elegant? Then, Flipkart or Myntra are collection to recommend. Here, fashionable colors play a big role. For example, dresses in green or blue are nice, but also red and berry tones are trend. Youthful and fashionable to compete on something, it should be like the mullet - or one-shoulder or leather dress. There is always a reason for this trend dresses: A prom or a night are just as suitable as a romantic date. (For example see )

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Attention fashion Queens - gorgeous women’s clothing at OWNOW

For all fans of style and styling, women’s clothing is the most beautiful thing in the world. For You too? Then you are right OWNOW! We are dedicated to precisely these women: women who turn happy sighing with a new outfit in the mirror. Women are always on the lookout for the perfect look and have already found your own style. All these fashionistas to find online to fall in love in our women’s clothing shop women's clothing

Ladies T shirts: Comfortable all-rounder for every day or statement platform - the short-sleeved tops aren't without reason the absolute basic equipment. You like it like chic? A feminine blouse gives every woman the glamour factor.

Women's pants: Classic jeans, leggings with print motif or trendy Chino? OWNOW has a wide selection of bottoms factories with which you're always good.

Our dresses online shop: Here there are for women's fashion, which the woman's heart beat faster - from mini to Maxi and classic to extravagant: summer chiffon dresses and elegant evening gowns and cocktail dresses with sequins.

Shoes: control bars plus leather equal love - a simple formula, women by nature. Order in our online shop women's boots, pumps and sneakers! ( See More )

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fashion, clothing and accessories shop online in the OWNOW online Social Shop

OW NOW, is the official online store of the brands. Inspired by the current collections and order your Favorites conveniently online from home or on the road.

Feminine - challenging - particularly - international

OWNOW stands for feminine and sophisticated fashion for modern women who are looking for the special in every piece of clothing and accessories. Whether at work, at leisure or on special occasions: and for a good price performance ratio and excellent quality.

OWNOW online store, you get a large selection of Blazers, blouses and dresses for women. For the everyday, you to find business look modern, feminine pant suits or costumes with if it may be something casual matching jeans. Shirts and tops Cardigans and sweatshirts to warm the body at colder temperatures. Designed various accessories such as bags, scarves and much more in the store are available.

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