Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Movies and tales of India to convey the character of Indian clothing almost exactly. Glorious garments rarely found in everyday life, however, their use, since only wealthy families can afford such expensive clothes. In all walks of flashy and bright colors are in India, however, very popular, what the image of entire cities adorns and refined with a wealth of colors. Likewise, the winding technique is one of the traditional designs of all garments. It protects against the strong sunlight and forms a protective shield against the heat of the warm country. Flashy jewellery is very popular in India, but mostly reserved for wealthy families, because only they can afford these expensive accessories.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Combine stylish clothing

Are you looking for a fashionable shorts for any occasion? A pair of jeans for women from the social shopping site of OWNOW.COM is a safe choice. It fits into a blouse, as well as the casual T-shirt or a vest. For an extra dose of femininity, you’re wearing a skirt. Whether maxi, midi or mini variant: how much skin you show, you decide. On colder days, you supplemented your skirt with matching sweater. Tip: to wear a blazer under the skirt creates a stunningly fashionable style break.

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