Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New Autumn Winter 2015/2016 OWNOW

You know fashion doesn't go on vacation,
And even women's passion,
Sick of shopping for new arrivals for next season.
It doesn't matter if we're gasping at 38°, our mind we see already
Projected with the dress of the new autumn winter collection,
With the latest shoes,
And fantasize, fantasize.
So today I want to introduce my new selection of fall/winter collection
On site with shop-online
You can find a wide range of clothing for men, women and children,
Accessories, shoes, jewellery, household items, sporting goods and articles for moms.
You'll miss to navigate the world of Esprit
Good buys!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Clothing at OWNOW.COM

OWNOW, Indian startups of social e-commerce, now as a wide selection ofwomen's clothing. To complete your wardrobe with fashionable dresses, entrusted to our social shop. The chiefs needed to fashion you'll find them in the section dedicated to dressesskirts, sweaters and pants. OWNOW also offers several  men's clothing: choose the model that's right for you among the polo shirts,  t-shirtspants and jackets. The brands most stylish clothing are now online

Saturday, 4 July 2015

What to buy on sales?

Started with a crazy period of sale! How not to lose your head at the store and buy what we really need it?

At the time of the sale, we can bet on two groups of products. The first is the timeless classics that will not go out of fashion, and now we can buy them at very attractive prices. These include the classic jeans, well-tailored jackets, leather pumps or sandals high heels, but jeans jackets do Perfecto jacket. Buying a classic note the build quality and the composition of the fabric. It is better to buy less but better quality!

The second group this stuff trendy. Summer has just begun, and right now we can complete your holiday suitcase. If you do not already have a comfortable tennis shoes for the summer, hoodies or printed bikini is now buy them for pennies! We also recommend sexy shorts and tassels in any form. at

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Refresh your Style and your appearance and show Younger

The issue of appearance plays an important role in a woman's life, but also every man.
Especially as we get older we need to experience, but also to look younger.
The process is simple.
Follow the steps below, get better psychology and parallel defeat the time:
Give light to your outfit and make any necessary changes.
Clothes play a dominant role in our appearance.
The correct choice is considered the alpha and Omega for the image of both men and women.
However, there are few times when the years pass without any changes having occurred in highlighting us habits.
We remain in a style of dressing for ages and naturally this mentality is wrong if we think that fashion is constantly changing.
So the solution is one.
Refresh your wardrobe with clothes that suit the fashion trends and the rest put aside.
-Start your information around fashion and beauty.
A good way to discover the current trends of fashion is to buy a fashion magazine and get through this.

You can even more easily visit a fashion website on the Internet, which will help you learn everything you need on beauty, with smart tips and topics that relate to your appearance.