Sunday, 28 June 2015

Flattering white pieces of summer!

The white color tends to be too demanding – you definitely want to flatter you, be worn chic and show contemporary. For all this to happen, the white to show as you wish and to pull all the looks, is a fairly complicated affair. Complicated, because's in excess of the thing, you don't want to you look like nurses.

Each white piece and thus each white set to show, the secret lies in the quality of the fabric. Verify that a set of shades of white is exactly the same – that applies to black – otherwise the image would refer to something dirty or polyforemeno. When it comes to white, the texture must be perfect, from excellent quality material, whether it is lace, silk, denim, cotton wool or knitted.

The list of pieces you will need this summer
5. White t-shirt or satin top
6. White Coveralls or baggy pants
7. White slides
8. White swimsuit

Extra Tip: the white pieces show more luxury if combined with gold jewelry.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Women’s clothing online shop

For a sparkling evening appearance, there are charming party dresses, which present themselves in different designs in the women’s clothing online shop. Whether basic look or diva, robe, these dresses underscore the female sensuality in a unique way. There is also a collection of business fashion with short jackets, costumes or trouser suits for the career woman in the range. Different shirts, sweaters and jeans are excellent, to compose casual looks. The diverse range of sports clothing renowned brands such as Adidas, for example, will inspire ambitious hobby athletes. The sports and fitness apparel is made of special, breathable materials and convinces with its perfect fit. OWNOW offers a selected assortment of feminine Beach fashion for the next beach holiday. In addition, the fashion store includes an appealing choice in the range of women’s clothing in large sizes.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Are you a sporty type of float or a woman with curvy V figure?

There are in essentially two different types of Y figure: the sporty Y type has broad shoulders and a wide chest, but a normal to smaller boobs. This type of figure is also often referred to as swimmer figurine. The curvy Y-type has broad shoulders and big boobs, so also is a significant proportional preponderance in the upper part of the fuselage. This type is often called V type in the literature. Women with Y figure and a big Tittle I recommend in addition to this post the article "10 figure tips: so style big boobs" to read and to combine the tips from both articles. at

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

OWNOW clothing: what to wear and when to wear it

This page provides general information on clothing to keep (or less) If you want to get confused between the locals and not have the appearance of the tourist. There are clear advantages in following the local fashion here in OWNOW, as greater safety (not so easy to recognize you as a tourist) and the opportunity to do a bit of shopping! You will also find guidance on what clothes are more suitable for the climate here.

What the article does not deal
This page will not make you a summary of fashion trends and present stereotypes on the style of dress of Spaniards and Catalans.

OWNOW is a cosmopolitan city with many influences from all over Europe. In addition, people of different ages and styles wear different clothes.

Even the seasons play an important part in the type and colors of clothing worn.
How to blend in with the locals

Catalonia and Spain in general are a country at the forefront when it comes to clothes and design and there are a wide variety of popular styles and clothing here. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that in general the composure has its importance and that the Catalans tend to dress in a modest way.
The generation of middle-aged and older tend to wear muted colors and lively little. Younger generations tend to wear semi casual clothes like jeans and shirt and comfortable shoes or sandals in summer.

The Catalans hold to their image and personal appearance. Wear a wide variety of styles and clothes, but never too casual. The Catalans like to have look good but more classic. Love designer clothes, but the most important things for them are quality and fit. It is not difficult to find good quality Catalan clothes at reasonable prices (good news for visitors!).

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Streetwear is not only a style; it is also a way of life

Your passion for the streetwear is expressed above all through the "feel good" factor. We at OWNOW want to help you as much as possible and your style. That's why if, in addition to sports or trendy cuts you will find many other things, from the head to the everyday dress for the first romantic date. Streetwear style is so colorful that you cannot find anything, the words do not serve everything, because if you let yourself impress not going to visit the website? You just need one click to enter into the Streetwear world agreement. at

Monday, 1 June 2015

Just because it is not out of fashion, doesn't mean it is out of fashion

Trends come and go at lightning speed, and sometimes one gets the impression that a boss just bought is already "out" in time to keep it in the closet! The point is that no one has ever said it is mandatory to follow the trends or all the trends. So a leader today seems outdated, will definitely fashionable between 10 or 20 years.

Wear what we like

The important thing at the bottom is not what you wear but how you wear: If a leader makes us feel beautiful, comfortable, at ease, it is always worth it although in theory is out of date or not suitable to our physical according to the guides that are often proposed by fashion magazines and referring to general standards and certainly not representative of all women on the planet. at