Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Trendy fashion and OWNOW

Constantly introducing new models and outlandish Styles - always and everywhere for you available. Therefore, our shop is continuously extended and expanded. Of running a mobile site with their own app for Android and Apple devices can be flexibly buy you, wherever you are straight. No matter if you’re looking for a fancy pair of jeans, a trendy dress, a summer top or a T-shirt, there is something for everyone. To miss a trend, register for our newsletter. Become a fan on our Facebook page and see a few days prior to the date of setting a preview of the new models.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Women’s clothing for women who are in the middle of the life is located in the OWNOW woman social shop and have fun with portable fashion trends. The range in the social shop is updated every week. Fair prices and quality make easy selection.
The range of women's clothing in our trendy Social shop includes tops like blouses, tunics, dresses, T-Shirts and sweaters, but also jackets, blazers and coats. To complete an outfit, you will find also the matching bottoms: pants in different fits and materials leave no wish unfulfilled. Our popular Bengaline trousers there both in basic black and white, as also in trendy colours, which underline the respective season. In spring and summer you will find here bright, strong colors and muted in the autumn and winter and warm shades.

To give the finishing touches to a look, woman needs also the matching accessories from OWNOW woman apparels. Towels, loops, chains, bags and belts perfectly complete every outfit. Every look in the blink of an eye can be transformed and upgraded with the appropriate accessories. Simply highlight your personality and accents with an appropriate eye-catcher.
The online weekly changing range of women's fashion includes constantly updated trends in addition to basic article. In this section we introduce new colors and fits in the world of fashion, so that you are always up-to-date.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Cheap designer fashion - such as brand fashion

Cheap designer fashion - the dream of every fashion-interested people. Whether man or woman, designer fashion is appealing - but also expensive for all. Fire fashion can be bought the coveted fashion cheap.

Designer fashion is appealing. Whether it was now rather well known or but created by lesser-known designers, is it ever not so much to the discussion. To have only a piece of clothing from a designer, is absolutely interesting for fashion lovers. Were it not the cost, which brings this designer fashion just to. One thing the permanent observation and happiness is cheap to buy designer fashion. Not anywhere you can buy cheap designer fashion and often it is just the thing to be then cheap can buy designer fashion at the right time at the right place. Another way too cheap to buy designer fashion, regularly, you might make up a solid source of supply, where you then can stock up at regular intervals with the highly coveted items. This can be for example on fire fashion, where then the designer clothing sold cheap is - at least much cheaper as they are found in the usual trading. Fire fashion so the possibility, spice up the own wardrobe with some great designer pieces, without too deep into his own pocket. It, of course, it should be remembered on which designer fashion to place really great value. The rule is that the term designer fashion in any way legally protected one. So, every fashion designer can sell his fashion as a designer fashion. The value of designer fashion is primarily after the anthology - and popularity, enjoy the designer in the fashion industry. Ever known, the more expensive and the designer fashion. A resident in Paris, well-known designer may require, even if it is then not a single piece, quickly a four-digit amount for a piece of clothing, while a relatively unknown designer, which is perhaps even in the professional infancy, rather deeper must join its prices. What price he is paid and what designer fashion is especially important to him is to the consumer it ultimately. The word designer fashion is not only for the quality of the processing, although it of course each designer strives to find his label only in clothing, which is also really optimally processed and manufactured from high-quality materials. Legal claims, which can be placed at a designer piece, are however for the term designer fashion, also not high. ( know more about fashion trends please visit at

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

the great young fashion and shoes by OWNOW

OWNOW social ecommerce trendy fashion store, you'll learn all about the fashionable trends, discover young fashion and fresh outfits for your next party or for your stylish young performance in everyday life. For girls and young at heart women, OWNOW has always the right ideas, discover how you can excellently put young fashion scene and style. Here you will find not only clothing from head to toe, but also the matching outfit shoes, accessories and bags. OWNOW willshow you the shop by style, what fits you the best and makes your outfits to the real highlight. Here is young fashion fits your style an experience that you can enjoy over and over again. Current trends for ladies in the shop by style. When OWNOW you're always when it comes to the most beautiful party outfits, fashion, current clothing and your own personal look. In the shop by style, we show you what ladies currently wear and fits what young fashion the best to you. We put together personally the best parts always up-to-date for you. We have the trendy shirt with Statement print, are looking for super cool leggings you long. Here you see over and over again, what suits you and may have the trendiest outfits come directly to you home. Shoes by the Puma, clothing from the Dirndl to trendy outfits, accessories to fashionable jewelry bags and always the best combinations you can discover with us.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Best OWNOW'S Fashion Trends from the 2015

Accueillir 2015!! With New Year comes new resolutions, and with new resolutions come new fashion trends for those who like to be dressed appropriately. OWNOW provides fashion in galore in one place. Be fashionable, be stylish. Pick your seasonal clothing from OWNOW andbe a trendsetter. Be it a wedding, or a new season, or setting out for a trip. Find all the essentials, always available. Discover an enchanting you by shopping at OWNOW.