Monday, 8 September 2014

How to pick jewellery according to the temperament type selected satisfaction jewellery

Diamond jewellery is that many women like jewellery, but everyone's temperament and matching jewellery also can have some differences. Generally speaking, women temperament can be divided into the following types according to, innocent type, wife and mother, respectively, passionate temperament, gentle and mature skill type, female how to match different types of jewellery, brand jewellery? Take a look below.

First, innocent
When choosing jewellery, to the face, hands and body are matched, should make good use of the wrong principle, making jewellery and the wearer looks more consistent and coordinated. So slender face shape best suited to wear ear and striking big round earrings. Round face people you should choose longer necklaces.

2. age ornaments
For active girls, choose heart fashion jewellery is best, which is most consistent with the style of the young. For mature women, sexy charm jewellery should be allowed to play, so that only mature and capable career woman on the allocation, precious jewellery is also preferred, of course, but during leisure time, you can also try jewellery full of kid stuff. If it is over six of the women, the best choice for dignified and elegant jewellery, so not only can show noble, but also has a smart and wise, United States.

3. Loading accessories
When your hair looks new and chic, the jewellery you need to have the popular taste. Jewellery and clothing with time, pay attention to jewellery and clothing fabrics, color and style coordination.

4. Place ornaments
When wearing jewellery, also want to choose according to the location. Wear jewellery in the workplace the best simple is beautiful, of course. If it is a small party, then choose when to pay attention to taste, so can wearing a dazzling bit of jewellery. On more formal occasions, stately instrument people can place more trust in our selves, so you can dress the match on a necklace or a gold brooch.

Jewellery worn is an art, so proper choice and wear is very important, so everyone starts with selection of jewellery from different aspects. Here, we do a little introduction about how to choose jewellery; surely we all have a certain understanding, hope to bring you more help, really ask you to choose the best jewellery. know more about jewellery please visit at

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