Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Women’s clothing for women who are in the middle of the life is located in the OWNOW woman social shop and have fun with portable fashion trends. The range in the social shop is updated every week. Fair prices and quality make easy selection.
The range of women's clothing in our trendy Social shop includes tops like blouses, tunics, dresses, T-Shirts and sweaters, but also jackets, blazers and coats. To complete an outfit, you will find also the matching bottoms: pants in different fits and materials leave no wish unfulfilled. Our popular Bengaline trousers there both in basic black and white, as also in trendy colours, which underline the respective season. In spring and summer you will find here bright, strong colors and muted in the autumn and winter and warm shades.

To give the finishing touches to a look, woman needs also the matching accessories from OWNOW woman apparels. Towels, loops, chains, bags and belts perfectly complete every outfit. Every look in the blink of an eye can be transformed and upgraded with the appropriate accessories. Simply highlight your personality and accents with an appropriate eye-catcher.
The online weekly changing range of women's fashion includes constantly updated trends in addition to basic article. In this section we introduce new colors and fits in the world of fashion, so that you are always up-to-date.

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