Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Discover what your style of clothing is

Discover what your style of clothing is; answer the questions of our test! Each woman, you know, has a clear way of dressing. There are those who prefer the bon ton mood, made shirts castes, cardigan and Tulip skirts and then there are those who prefer a touch more rock but still chic. More are always in step with the latest trends, choose must have the time to take more than ever.

But how do you know what is your style? It all boils down to shopping, as you do, what steps and what products are always present in the wish list. You are a passionate of evergreen or clothing you like mixing and experimenting with all the latest releases of the moment?

Discover everything there is to know about your look by answering questions in our tests. Is fast and easy, you only have to select the most suitable response to you. In this way you will discover what your style is and you will no longer have any doubt about it.

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