Friday, 15 May 2015

The skirt has an expiry date?

The mini has no expiration date but a date of prolongation. Can be fun and witty if taken casually if you have beautiful legs, this regardless of age, If I have beautiful legs can wear mini skirts, if I am young "water" as I say, I can venture an extremely short skirt, but it goes with grace, elegance, never vulgarity. A mini with daring and sensual if worn the right way is not vulgar. Mini stretches of inch in centimeter with advancing age, nothing more and nothing less. It is all the more ridiculous a woman in miniskirt as are his years.

What cannot fail in a woman's wardrobe?

There are so-called must-haves that are the inevitable in a wardrobe. I'd say the classic black sheath dress, which is par excellence the example of a long-lived leader who succeeds every time to be reinterpreted. A good stylist can use it throughout the day, making it more sporty at work, a little more detail for an aperitif with a glamorous accessory, and more elegant in the evening with some nice heels. The sheath dress is the most versatile leader. This then adds the pantsuits to Armani style cigarette and a pair of jeans for leisure.

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