Sunday, 28 June 2015

Flattering white pieces of summer!

The white color tends to be too demanding – you definitely want to flatter you, be worn chic and show contemporary. For all this to happen, the white to show as you wish and to pull all the looks, is a fairly complicated affair. Complicated, because's in excess of the thing, you don't want to you look like nurses.

Each white piece and thus each white set to show, the secret lies in the quality of the fabric. Verify that a set of shades of white is exactly the same – that applies to black – otherwise the image would refer to something dirty or polyforemeno. When it comes to white, the texture must be perfect, from excellent quality material, whether it is lace, silk, denim, cotton wool or knitted.

The list of pieces you will need this summer
5. White t-shirt or satin top
6. White Coveralls or baggy pants
7. White slides
8. White swimsuit

Extra Tip: the white pieces show more luxury if combined with gold jewelry.

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